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We can work together in a variety of ways to resolve your problems and improve your life. I offer individual, couple, and family counseling sessions. We can discuss which modality or combination of services will be the most likely to benefit you or your loved ones.

Here are some of the common problems I help clients address in treatment:



Panic attacks and phobias


Anger management

Sleeping problems

Addiction/substance abuse

Grief and loss

Trauma and abuse

Sexual problems

Issues related to sexuality

Low self esteem

Relationship dissatisfaction or conflict

Parenting concerns

Adjustment issues

Career or work problems

Family discord

Premarital counseling

Communication issues

Conflict resolution

Assertiveness training

Impulsive behaviors

And many more!

I can assist you with resolving a variety of other emotional, behavioral, and relationship issues that might not be listed here.

If you are not sure if I am the right therapist for you, please contact me, and we can discuss your needs, my areas of expertise, and whether we might be a good fit. If either of us determine that I might not be able to effectively address your concerns, I will do my best to connect you with someone who might be better able to meet your needs.

Additional Services:

I am also available to provide in-service trainings, workshops, or presentations on issues related to emotional well-being, effective communication, and stress management, for example.

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